Sea salt from cellulite

How sea salt helps fight cellulite

 Sea salt has a number of useful properties. It helps to remove harmful slags and excess liquid from the body, which will eventually lead to the disappearance of the “orange peel”. With it you can take baths, make masks or scrubs.

Sea salt mask

Take a handful of salt and mix with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. Apply the mask for 15 minutes.

Bath with sea salt

Water, to take a bath, should be a little hot. On the bath, dry a glass of sea salt (about 250-300 g). Take it every other day, 20 minutes.

Scarb with sea salt

After using salt scrub about cellulite you will forget in a month. To prepare the miracle scrub, mix the sand and salt in equal parts. Add olive oil to this mixture. Before applying the scrub, heat it in the microwave.

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