Recipes for cosmetic ice

Girls with normal skin type will be suitable for ice from valerian decoction, which can be combined with yarrow or plantain. This tandem refreshes and soothes the skin, gives a healthy and even complexion. For the care of normal skin also suitable tricolor violet and pharmacy dill. Cosmetic ice from these herbs is long kept.

To prepare cosmetic ice for oily skin, it is recommended to use decoctions of mountain arnica, nails, laptops, badan and field horsetail. You can also add lemon juice or fresh cucumber. Then the effect of such ice would be even better. You can store the finished product for no more than a week.

Holders of dry skin will be suitable for a remedy made from decococcus, hawthorn and dandelion root. In equal proportions mix the herbs, pour in 2 tbsp collection of 500ml boiling water and put on a water bath.

If you have a mixed skin type, combine herbs that are suitable for greasy and dry. In this case, it is not worth using lemon juice.

To whiten the skin and get rid of pigment spots, make cosmetic ice according to the following recipe: until ready, boil 2 tbsp rice without adding salt and spices and skip through the fine sieve. Pour the decoction into molds and put in the freezer.

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