Properties of tar soap

Tanning, connecting to the soap base, increases blood flow to tissues, enhances regenerative function, restores epidermis. The tar soap slightly dries the skin, causing pimples, scratches and small wounds to heal faster.

Tag soap is a magnificent antiseptic. It has not only antibacterial, but also antiparasitic properties.

Cosmetologists often recommend it to those people who need to get rid of purges, as well as acne. Soap with tar is indispensable in the prevention and treatment of dermatitis and psoriasis. In Soviet times, it was the most accessible and truly popular remedy against problematic skin.

Why do you need tar soap?

Tag soap is therapeutic. No fragrances and dyes are deliberately added to it. It is an absolutely natural and cheap product that should be in every home:

– soap with tar deeply cleanses, dries and heals the skin;
– From tar soap can be made once a week mask (for this it is enough to lather in your hands a piece of soap, and then put foam on your face and hold a few minutes, rinsing then with warm water);
– tar soap helps to get rid of acne on the face, back and other parts of the body;
– soap with tar – a remedy for the treatment of nail fungus (you can make soap applications or baths with soap solution);
– tar soap can wash your head, because it is strengthens hair follicles, prevents hair loss, eliminates oily shine and dandruff;

In the USSR, some women used tar soap for treatment diseases of the skin and mucous (thrush, fungus, abundant sweating).

– tar soap is perfectly safe in pregnancy;
– soap with tar in composition suitable for pets, which need to be rid of fleas, ticks or cure deprive.

Yes, the smell of such soap is very peculiar, but regular application allows to abandon some (sometimes very expensive) cosmetics.


Degtyar soap at all its merits has contraindications as well. They are better not used if you are prone to allergies or have kidney problems. Also, it is not recommended for people with thin and dry skin. If you wash regularly with tar soap, then rinse it with cool water and then remember to apply the nourishing cream.

If you wash your hair with tar soap, give up shampoo, but use conditioner or balm rinse. This will repel the foul smell.

The effect of tar soap is not immediately apparent. Perhaps after the first application you will even be dissatisfied with the result. But that shouldn’t make you give up soap. Improvement comes usually in 5-7 days.

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