Proper neckline and cleavage area

Home cosmetics is the key to success, thanks to which a beautiful and young image is preserved for a long time.

Very often, the skin of the neck and the neckline is irritated. Some women are completely unaware of how sensitive she is – in fact, she can get damaged in contact with rough or biting material โ€” such as in a turtleneck, sweater or shawl, and when toe sharp beads or chains.

In addition to these less obvious factors, of course, there are also commonly known ones โ€” external ones, such as sunlight, frost or pollution, and internal ones , such as smoking, alcohol abuse, etc.

How to tone the neck and neckline? Proper care doesn’t take much effort or time. All you need is to follow several golden rules:

  • Do not wash these body parts with regular soap โ€” use gels or other cosmetics designed to wash your face.
  • Avoid strong cleaning โ€” abandon the abrasive sponge. To exfoliate dead cells, use peeling โ€” the same one designed for the face.
  • Apply moisturizing or nourishing creams every day.
  • Pay attention to how to apply the cream properly – try to follow the muscles, from bottom up on the neck and from center to shoulders in the area of the cleavage.
  • Systematically perform simple exercises that will improve not only skin condition, but also muscles, for example – move your jaw as if biting it, tilt your head back squeezing your teeth, then (constantly squeezing) tilt your head and momentarily stop in that position. Perform both standing exercises.
  • Find a moment to gently massage yourself (remembering the right direction of movement โ€” for example, when applying cream) or visit a professional salon. It’s also a great way to relax.
  • Avoid rough and tight clothes – for everyday use, choose soft materials and loose cuts.

Home SPA, or how to tone the neck and cleavage at home

In addition to standard daily care, it’s worth finding time for a more comprehensive treatment at least once a week, which will allow you to take full care of the beautiful and healthy appearance. It is best to start a home SPA with a bath that will soften the skin and at the same time allow you to relax. It can be enriched with additional ingredients such as herbal infusions, natural vegetable oils or various types of salts. The next step is peeling, which removes dead skin and makes the skin better absorb nutrients.

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