Painless laser epilation

This is definitely the best solution currently available in the cosmetics market. Laser hair removal ensures 100% safety of the procedure, very high efficiency and accuracy. It is completely painless, thanks to a specialized diode laser, and the feeling of excessive heat is compensated by special cooling compresses.

Beauty salons pay special attention to the accuracy of the procedures performed. So-called body mapping is used, whereby the laser beam never hits the same place twice. It’s very important, because she just has to be painless. Also using mapping it is possible to remove all the hairs much more carefully.

Bottom line 3 painless hair removal: Mapping the

  1. body, that is, putting a mesh on the skin with a flushing pencil, which contributes to high accuracy.
  2. Application of special cooling compresses after each laser “shot”.
  3. An experienced beautician who performs his work with passion and specialises well in this field.

Preparation for this procedure.

First of all, there is a consultation. During such a conversation, the beautician will discuss the entire course of treatment, check whether there are any contraindications and determine the hair type and complexion. This is extremely important because individual beam parameters will be chosen on this basis.

A test will be held at the end. This is done to ensure that no disturbing reactions develop on the skin, such as allergies to laser light. If there are no such, it is possible to proceed with hair removal, but only after 24 hours.

It is very important to remember that hair cannot be plucked with an epilator, tweezers or wax, at least a month before the procedure. It is strictly forbidden to sunbathe 4 weeks before hair removal, as well as take photosensitizing drugs and herbs. Compliance with contraindications and following the instructions of a professional beautician also affects pain sensations.

As for the duration of the procedure.

Treatment time is closely related to which part of the body will be processed. It takes a lot less time for armpits or moustaches than for calves or hips. So the process takes a different time span, both 15 minutes and 2 hours.

Everyone who decides to undergo such treatment must be absolutely certain that it will not be unpleasant to him, and that maximum safety can be counted on. This is important, especially since laser hair removal must be performed consistently to be fully effective, so you will have to visit the salon at least 6 times.

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