Nourishing hair masks with olive oil

Oil, vinegar and yolk

Excellent nourishing mask will turn out if you mix olive oil, apple vinegar and egg yolk. The proportions are as follows: two tablespoons of olive oil, one tablespoon of vinegar and one yolk. Before mixing the ingredients, the oil can be heated slightly to improve the penetration of nutrients. The oil should be warm, but not too — not to boil the yolk. The mask needs to be kept half an hour under the film and towel, then rinse the hair 2-3 times. This mask helps to fight the split tips.

Olives and lemon

Very effective to nourish, shine and strengthen hair can be a mask made of olive oil and lemon juice. It is necessary to mix two spoons of olive oil and a half-spoon of lemon juice, apply to the hair and rinse after 1 hour. Most of all, this mask is suitable for fighting greasy hair, but also for all other hair types it will bring a lot of benefits.

Olive oil contains a large amount of vitamin E, amino acids and trace elements that nourish hair, have a rejuvenating effect on the scalp, penetrate deeply into hair structure and help fight the split ends. The only downside in olive oil hair masks is that the oil is quite difficult to wash away.

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