Keratin hair straightening

Keratin releases its beneficial properties as a result of a very high temperature. It is under her influence that cuticles are opened, thanks to which the drug fills gaps in the structure of the hair making them shiny and silky. This effect takes place in a few days. With proper care – in a few months.

Keratin straightening procedure is recommended for people with curly, static, damaged, porous and dull strands. However, this method of straightening should not be used by people with very damaged hair (for example, due to dyeing). The treatment requires the use of a very high temperature straightener, which can further damage the hair structure.

Before you decide to visit the hairdresser, you need to take care to improve the condition of the strands. For this purpose, cosmetics with high content of keratin (e.g., conditioners, masks and strengthening shampoos) can be used.

How long does the procedure last?

Depending on strand length and specialist experience, the ritual can take up to six hours (for medium length hair, this time can be about two hours).

Keratin hair straightening at home – step by step

Before starting treatment it is worth preparing:

  • gloves,
  • bowl for cosmetics,
  • brush for application drug,
  • straightener or hair irons.


  1. You need to wash your head to remove the dirt – preferably twice.
  2. Do not apply air conditioning.
  3. Drying your hair thoroughly.
  4. Start applying keratin to the entire length of strands.
  5. Leave the cosmetics for 30 minutes.
  6. Preheat the hair irons to a temperature of 230 degrees Celsius.
  7. Each strand should be dried up to five times.

After the procedure, do not wash your head for 48 hours, so the effect will last longer. During this time, no air conditioners should be used. After the first wash, shampoos containing alcohol, salt, silicone and SLS supplements should be abandoned.

Keratin hair straightening during pregnancy

Most keratin cosmetics used to straighten hair contain formaldehyde, which is usually colorless gas. Because of its toxic effect, it should be avoided by pregnant or nursing women. The use of cosmetics containing formaldehyde can worsen the hair condition and cause an allergic reaction in both mother and child.

Is this hair straightening harmful? While many people appreciate this procedure, it is necessary to consider the fact that it can have a short-term effect. To enhance it, do not forget about daily care using air conditioners, oils and masks. Fans of hairdressers should also befriend the principles of healthy eating, because diet has a huge impact on hair condition and health in general.

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