How to visually enlarge your eyes using makeup

How to make eyes bigger with makeup

The easiest way to make eyes bigger and more expressive is to stir and paint eyelashes. Owners of thick bent eyelashes are lucky even more – they only need to apply voluminous or elongating mascara. Everyone else needs to use perm tongs. They will give the eyelashes a beautiful bend, lift them up, open the look.

Also, to make the eyes larger, a white pencil can be used. They are carried out a strip inside the lower eyelid, before the eyelashes. The eye incision visually becomes wider. But the pencils of dark color on the lower eyelid should not be used. They constricted eyes on the contrary.

Makeup “smoky ice” makes eyes very large and expressive. It uses smoky shadows of different shades. They are picked up depending on eye color.

To visually enlarge and lengthen the upper eyelid, a blue or saturated brown pencil can be taken. They need to hold a wide band, starting from the inner corner of the eye, from the point of growth of eyelashes. At the beginning, the line should be narrow, then – wider. Don’t make the arrow too long. She should only go out the outer corner of her eye a little bit.

Shadows are a great way to make eyes visually larger

With light shadows you can make the look more open. The remedy with sequins gives maximum effect. Light beige, pink, blue, sand shadows visually enlarge the eyes. Apply shadows to the movable part of the eyelid, growing up a little. It is not worth distributing light shadows to the eyebrow itself. It will too allocate space under the eyebrow and take attention away from the eye. For the

look to become more open, you need to give the right shape to the eyebrows. They don’t have to be too wide, best to do a beautiful bend on about one line with the pupil.

In addition to light shadows, you can use rich chocolate, bronze, gray, purple. These colors are applied exclusively to the movable part of the century. If arrows are drawn on it, the shadow pattern must repeat their shape. Dark shadows can be lumped with light on the still part of the eyelid. But again they shouldn’t be applied too close to the eyebrow.

What techniques should not be used in makeup

Those who want to make eyes visually larger, should not use a black pencil. The maximum that you can – draw a very fine arrow along the line of growth of eyelashes on the upper eyelid. It can also be used to hatch the space between the eyelashes. By no means do you need to draw lines on the lower eyelid and make thick black arrows.

Making accents on corners of your eyes is not worth it. Shadows, pencil, eyeliner should end along the line of eyelash growth. Eye corners can be distinguished with light shadows if desired. But this technique can only be applied when the eyes are close together.

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