How to use yeast hair masks

Yeast is rich in B, P and D vitamins, as well as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and other useful elements. That’s why yeast masks significantly improve blood circulation in the scalp, prevent hair loss, strengthen them, saturate them with life-giving shine and energy.

Yeast cosmetic mixture for hair oily type

To prepare yeast cosmetics for oily hair, take 28-30g pressed baking yeast, protein chicken egg and 1 tbsp warm water. The yeast is mixed with water and enriched the mixture with protein whipped into light foam. Nourishing mass is applied to clean wet hair and left until completely dry. Then thoroughly wash the mask with room temperature water (with shampoo) and rinse the chevelure with herbal decoction, for example, chamomile or speckled.

Cooked according to this recipe nutritious composition favorably affects hair of this type. But the positive result is observed only if the yeast mask is applied regularly. Therapeutic course: 10 procedures are performed daily, after which the yeast mask continues to be done once in 8-10 days until the full “recovery” of the hair.

If the yeast masks are combined with the reception of beer yeast inward, the process of improving the hair condition will significantly accelerate.

Yeast mask for dry hair type

To prepare a yeast mask for dry hair take 1.5-2 tsp dry baker’s yeast and add them in ½ cup lightly heated on the kefir water bath. Leave the mixture for 47-50 minutes. Then enrich the mass of 1 tsp natural honey and apply the mixture to wet clean hair. The top cover the head with a cellophane bag and wear a woollen cap. Hold the mask for at least 30 minutes. Then wash away with the water of a comfortable temperature. After this procedure to give the hair a beautiful shine, it is recommended to rinse them with “sour” water (1 liter of water add juice from half lemon or 1 tsp vinegar).

1 tsp dry bakery yeast is equivalent to 9-10g pressed yeast.

To cure hair of increased dryness, brittle and dullness, recommend making 13-15 yeast masks. And the first 7 procedures should be done daily, and the next – 2-3 times a week.

Activation of hair growth with a yeast mask

In the composition of accelerating hair growth products there are such components: 1 tbsp dry baker yeast, 1 tbsp burdock oil, $ a few drops of essential oil (for your taste), a yolk of a chicken egg, a little decoction from chamomile or nettle. The yeast dissolves in a warm decoction and leaves the mixture for 33-35 minutes in a warm place. Then add the rest of the components and mix thoroughly. Apply a nutrient mass to the root system and distribute the entire length of the strands (before this procedure wash the hair with shampoo). After putting on a rubber cap and insulating the head with a towel. After 65-70 minutes washed away. Therapeutic course – 8-10 procedures, which should be done twice a week. According to reviews, for a month hair grows by 2-3 cm.

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