How to use linseed for beauty of skin and hair

Recently, these seeds have also become one of the most effective skin and hair care products. This is not surprising because these seeds, although very small, contain a range of substances beneficial to the body. Among these substances you can find proteins, zinc, iron, magnesium, organic acids, fiber and B vitamins.

Linen seed oil is rich in unsaturated acids that support metabolism, increase the body’s immunity and improve the structure of cell membranes.

The health sector uses linseed in a variety of ways both inside and out. In addition to seeds, linseed flour and seed oil are used. In the cosmetics industry, linen is often the main ingredient of skincare cosmetics such as body and face creams, and hair conditioners.

Below you will find a recipe for a gel hair mask that prevents them from falling out, moisturizes and also helps hair regain a healthy look.

Linen seed also has a protective effect on our skin. Therefore, you should apply a mask before going to the beach. The fact is that flax seeds have anti-cancer effects. Thanks to this, they protect our body from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Flax matures in July and August. Harvesting begins when plants are still greenish-yellow — they are uprooted and left to dry in the field. The seeds mature during drying, then take on a brown color. Once hammered and cleaned, it is best to store them in a paper bag. Seeds need to be ground just before use.

Especially recommended for owners of dry, damaged and dyed hair. Try cooking it already today and enjoy the effect. The mask recipe is simple.

What you need

1 tablespoon linseed, 1 cup water, foil and towel.

Don’t forget to use ground flax seeds for this recipe because you won’t be able to make gel consistency out of them.

Preparation of the mask. Pour the flax into a saucepan, pour water and put on the stove. Cook over a low heat for about 15 minutes, until a gel is formed from the grain under the influence of temperature. Then place a sieve on the bowl, and pour the mixture out. So we separate the gel.

Application. Apply a mask to washed hair. Then wrap your head with foil and towel. Wear the “wrapped” mask for at least half an hour, preferably a little longer, and rinse with warm water.

Effect. This homemade mask makes our hair moisturized, smoothed, and therefore much showy.

To preserve the effect of smooth and hydrated hair, apply this mask every few days.

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