How to use a hair roller

You will need
  • – ready-made hair roller;
  • – natural or artificial hair;
  • – socks or skins;
  • – hair mesh;
  • – stilettos;
  • – hair elastic bands.

Purchase a hair roller. It can be found in one of the shops selling goods for hairdressers. If you failed to find this device, do not despair. You can make the roller independently from handmade materials.


After designing a hair roller with your own strength, choose the most suitable design for you. The roller can be flat in shape. It’s usually just tucked under the hairstyle and disguised with natural hair. Such a roller, similar to a pillow, is very convenient to work and easy. You can make a roller in the shape of a ring. It is most often used in different combinations with “tails” and “tails” of different lengths.


To make a roller flat shape, take a bundle of natural or artificial hair, connect them with regular gum and note. From the resulting mass, form the likeness of the pad, which should then be placed in a hairnet, strengthening and sewing the inlet at the mesh. This roller is usually used to form hairstyles in especially solemn cases.


To make a roller in the shape of a ring, take two terry socks or golf and cut off each finger part. Turn out the remainder of the product, forming a “bagel” from it. Now insert a rolled workpiece inside another sock or golf while continuing to turn out the future roller. At the same time, the diameter of the “bagel” will increase, and the hole inside it will become smaller.


Make a romantic and beautiful hairstyle using, for example, a roller shaped like a ring. First comb your hair, trying to give it volume. Now tie the “tail” gum. Put on the “tail” ring. Put a second rubber band on top of the roller and your hair.


Remove all strands so that the roller is not visible. Loose hair, which is not involved in the hairstyle, spread to the sides, paving each part in a separate braid. Now wrap the pigtails around the resulting knot and attach them with stilettos. Fix the resulting hairstyle with hairspray.

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