How to use a depilator


For the first use of a depilator, choose the least sensitive place on the skin, otherwise you risk getting a real pain shock, and again to take the depilator in your hands will be just scary. If the place is picked correctly, the pain will moderate, and each time it will decrease. The skin will get used to the action of the depilator, and the hairs will become rarer and less thick, and the depilator will cope with them more easily.


You can use the depilator only when the length of the hair reaches at least half a millimeter, otherwise the device will simply have nothing to hook for. On the other hand, too long hair can not be epilated, it is necessary to cut at least to a centimeter length.

In order for the procedure to pass the least painful, the skin must be prepared – first steamed to allow the pores to expand, and then wipe dry and, preferably, grease with degreasing lotion. But nourish and moisturize the skin before the procedure, on the contrary, it is not necessary, as the hairs in this case will become more slippery, and it will be difficult for the machine to grasp them. However, the most modern and expensive models allow to carry out hair removal directly in a hot bath, on wet skin.



hairs in everyone grow differently, so the depilator has a speed controller that allows you to pick up the speed of operation, ideal for your skin. To pick it up, you need to experiment well.

Before hair removal, try to relax do not adjust in advance for pain: light the aromolamp, turn on nice music, think about how beautiful your legs will become very soon.

The depilator should be smoothly led on the skin against hair growth, while keeping it with one hand perpendicular to the leg and the other stretch the skin. If the pain is completely stopped, then the site is treated and you can move on to the next one. After finishing the hair removal, be sure to apply a soothing cream on the skin.

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