How to restore hair after winter


It is now important to keep hair hydrated, so wash your head not more than 2-3 times a week. Before going outside, make sure your hair dries well. The air humidifier in the apartment will help get rid of electrolyzed hair.


Wear a headdress. In summer – hat, in winter – hat, and in spring – scarves made of silk or cashmere are quite appropriate. They will save from the cold and will not electrialize your hair.


Once a week you need to compensate for the lost moisture to the hair and apply moisturizing masks. Works well at this time hair oil. You can cook it yourself. To do this, the mixture of an equal amount of vegetable, olive oils, jojoba oil and avocado oil rub in the palm of your hands and hold the entire length of the hair. Put on a beanie and go to bed. Wash your head in the morning.


Damaged by frost, split tips of hair cured is quite difficult, so do not regret a few inches of your hairstyle – this and will give hair is a more groomed and preppy look, and will save from further spread of microcracks across the hair.


When choosing the means for stacking, pay attention to the composition. They should have a reduced alcohol content. The alcohol dries the hair and it starts to break even harder.



‘t wash your head with hot water. No need to put extra stress on your hair. For the hair condition, warm water is much more useful, it doesn’t do that much harm to your strands.


Many professionals in hair care argue that hair conditioner doesn’t need to be flushed to no end. At least in spring time. Leave a small amount of balm on the ends of the hair and it throughout the day the tips of the hair will be under its robust protection.


Remove all stacking devices until summer. They destroy the structure of already weakened hair. If without a hair dryer does not do, then choose a hair dryer with a diffuser nozzle, it causes less harm to the hair. Don’t forget the thermal protection sprays.


Professional remedies contain all the substances needed now to your hair, so do not hesitate to deal with these or other problems to specialists.


Don’t forget about vitamin complexes. From their lack of hair suffer no less than the body itself. They immediately lose power, acquire a lifeless appearance or start falling out. Vitamins B and omega-3-6-9 fatty acids will help your hair most effectively.

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