How to puncture the ears

Ways of piercing your ears

To begin with, it should be said that even today ears pierce differently. At the very least, there are three ways of piercing your ears: categorically unacceptable, unacceptable and correct. About these ways it is worth elaborating.

How you can’t pierce your ears

One of the most wrong ways is to puncture your ears at home on your own. If you don’t have at least minimal knowledge in medicine and piercings, you’re likely to have inflammation and go to a surgeon soon. To puncture your ears at home often use “gypsy” needles, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, painkiller in the form of a piece of apple, etc. If you cherish your health, you better not do Piercing yourself, and spend up to 1000 rubles and go to the salon where a professional master piercer will make you a quality puncture of the ears and give tips on the care of piercing. Only in that case will you protect yourself from the terrible consequences. Ear

piercing “gun”

Using a special gun to pierce the ears is one of the most popular tools. But in this case popular doesn’t mean safe and correct.

Piercing your ears with a gun can seem like a very convenient and quick way to make the easiest piercing — like a puncture is there, and the earring is already dressed (only to close the lock). But it’s not that simple. First, when piercing the ears with a gun, there is a severe tear of tissues, which heals very long. Statistically, ears punctured by a gun heal 1-2 months longer than punctured by a needle. Secondly, attention should be paid to the inability to sterilize this instrument. So you can get any serious blood-borne disease. That’s why it’s not worth dwelling on this way of piercing your ears.

The optimal and safe option

Ear piercing with special piercing needles is the safest and most appropriate way. First of all, it is necessary to say that this method of puncture is achieved maximum sterility and no possibility of infection — all piercing needles are released in special vacuum packages, are sterile and disposable! In practice, ear punctures with piercing needles have been shown to infect much more quickly. Also thanks to the special hole in the center of the needle, you can simultaneously pull the needle out of the finished puncture and put on the earring — this will protect you from additional injury of a fresh puncture.

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