How to prolong youth: three powerful facial massages

Aging is an inevitable process and it is impossible to stop it, but slow down is quite real. Cosmetology offers different ways to prolong the youth of the skin. Facial massage is one of the effective and safe.

Experts practice dozens of options of rejuvenating massage, tell about 3 techniques, thanks to which you can look younger than your years without pricks and surgeries.

Buccal Massage 

Manual modeling technique, which includes the elaboration of “key areas” of the body, internal facial massage and elements of gymnastics for muscles middle lower area of the face.

Specific technique

Specialist goes through massage movements simultaneously the outer and inner area of cheeks, cheekbones, lips and chin. To process the inner area, he uses a finger, placing it in the client’s mouth in front of a line of closed teeth. It’s not pleasant to everyone, but the results live up to expectations.

Using buccal massage relieves tension in the muscles, leaves fat deposits in the cheeks, fine wrinkles, nasolabial fold. Massage helps to make the “floated” oval of the face clear, return the skin elasticity.

Lymphatic drainage massage 


popular technique that involves treatment of the face, neck, nape, scalp, sternum and eye area.

The peculiarity of the technique

Cosmetologist removes stagnation in the lymphatic system. It’s a great prevention of swelling.

Massage removes toxins from the body, gently restores the contour of the face, removes bursts (folds in the area of the lower jaw), bags and bruises under the eyes, the second chin. After lymphatic drainage massage, the face looks fresh, eyes open, puffiness goes away.

Transfigural massage REMEDI 

Author’s comprehensive technique from Israel, which includes manual effects on neck and shoulder muscles, chest processing and spine.

The peculiarity of the technique

Masseur uses techniques of manual therapy to extend the cervical spine and restore muscle tone.

Spasmed muscles of the neck and shoulders, contorted posture directly affect the state of the face, well-being, vision, hearing, sleep quality.

Remedi technique eliminates clips in muscles, makes posture even, removes “withers” in the area of the 7th vertebra; works with facial asymetry, eliminates wrinkles and triggers metabolic processes in tissue cells.

When you can do facial massage

Cosmetologists advise you to start doing facial massage from the age of 25. These can be short courses of 5-7 procedures.

A full cycle of 10-15 visits can be from 30 years, undergoing procedures 2-3 times a week.

After a regular massage is recommended from 1 to 2 times a month to maintain the effect.

Of course these are approximate figures, the exact plan of visits is assigned by a specialist, based on individual features of the body.

Like any cosmetic procedure, massage techniques have contraindications:

– Strong skin damage.

– Acute infectious diseases.

– Pregnancy and feeding period.

– Diabetes mellitus.

– Some others.

It is important that the listed technicians the beautician owned at a high level and had a certificate of training.

Stay young for as long as possible!

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