How to prepare skin for makeup

Girls daily want to have an attractive look, so you have to spend a lot of time on makeup. In order to save your time and have an attractive skin look, you need to be able to prepare it for makeup.

Preparing the skin for make-up is not just cleansing and applying the base cream. After all, for the good condition and appearance of our skin requires much more care, and for the best effect it is necessary to apply them in the right order. In order to keep your skin young and well-groomed you need to apply 7 simple steps.

  1. Wash.  Mudder with warm water with gel or wash foam, wipe your face with a clean soft towel. But in order to properly perform this step without harming the skin of the face, you need to correctly determine your skin type and competently pick up gel and foam for washing. After washing, wipe your face with paper, disposable towels, this will significantly reduce the impact of bacteria on the face.
  2. Wipe your face with a tonic and waitfor it to dry. This step is especially important for owners of oily skin. Do not need to overdo it, it is enough to apply twice a day, otherwise if used frequently can cause dehydration of the skin. The tonic allows you to quickly bring the pH balance of the skin, disturbed by hard running water or aggressive cleansing agents.
  3. Apply the remedyyou use. For example, gels against acne or serum from peeling. Do not use cream or serums not as intended, if you have dry skin, do not need to apply cream for oily skin, this can exacerbate the situation.
  4. Apply cream or serum under your eyes. It will moisturize the skin and prevent early signs of aging. Also this is one of the important steps.
  5. Apply moisturizer to the face.  Ignoring this stage will increase sebum production. Often girls think that if they have a fat type of face, the moisturizer will enhance and excrete greasy shine, but it happens quite the opposite. Also don’t forget that when applying cream, especially in the cold season, you can’t go outside for 30 minutes, it can lead to dehydration of the skin.
  6. Even in winter, make sure to protect the skin from the sun with a level of at least SPF 30. Especially in the summer do not ignore this step, lack of protection SPF appear wrinkles.
  7. Apply a primer under makeup, tonal or BB cream. This will allow your makeup to hold on for a long time

I want to share a few more skin care rules: 

  • Change your pillowcases every week, and every time you wash, use a clean towel to additionally not contaminate the skin, or as I told you to use paper, disposable towels.
  • Hair cosmetics with oils and silicones can clog the pores of the skin if it gets on the face.
  • Using perfume, avoid getting them on the face
  • The application of moisturizer in the last place “closes” beneficial ingredients from other products in the skin.

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