How to pluck eyebrows in home conditions


Before adjusting the shape of the eyebrows, it is necessary to evaluate the shape of the face. For a round shape, a broken line (the fault itself does not need to be very sharp) with a high lift and short end will be more suitable. Straight and horizontal eyebrows look better on the oval face, slightly removed from the conveyance (high arc in such cases is not an appropriate option).


To pluck your eyebrows, take advantage of quality tweezers, which will be convenient to hold in your hand. For independent plucking is more suitable for tweezers with beveled edges. Sharpening in the tool should be as sharp as possible, it will better capture the hairs. A narrow tweezer needle is suitable to remove ingrown hair.


In order for the removal procedure to pass quickly and relatively painless, attach cotton discs dipped in hot water to the eyebrows. Heat will widen pores on the skin, and hair will be plucked much more easily. Treat eyebrows and tweezers with antibacterial lotion.


Correct the shape necessary by plucking the hair along the bottom line of the eyebrows. Touching the top is not recommended because it is possible to disturb their natural bend. Do not pluck several hairs at once, it is very painful and ineffective as you can simply tear the hair or leave the hair bulb in the skin. After the procedure, retreat the skin with lotion.


By giving your eyebrows the right shape, don’t forget about daily care. Remove weaned hairs in time, comb the eyebrows with a soft brush, use castor oil or special care products for eyelashes and eyebrows.

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