How to pick up shampoo at hair loss

Fatty hair

The most common are mixed hair, which is oily on the root and dry on the ends. You need to learn your type of strands and use cosmetics properly. Each type requires different cosmetics and the use of several drugs for its proper care. Sebaceous hair is prone to static electricity, and the hairstyle is usually deformed, especially under the hat. If a few hours after washing it gives the impression that they have not been washed at all, it is worth turning to shampoos based on plant extracts.

Dry hair

On the other hand, owners of dry and damaged hair with brittle ends must follow other rules when choosing the right cosmetics. Even after washing and applying the mask, such curls are difficult to comb, and this usually occurs due to improper hair coloration and not using proper nutrients and protective drugs.

Therefore, for daily washing and care, it is best to use delicate cosmetics, especially products that contain as few additional ingredients as possible, for example, children’s shampoos. However, for deeper cleansing of the scalp and strands, it is worth using regular shampoo 1 or 2 times a week.

In addition to the shampoo itself, it is important to choose the right conditioners, because it is thanks to them that curls can regenerate and provide a constant supply of nutrients that they so is missing. When applied to the hair, it smooths them, so they become smoother, but only until the next wash.

It is better to skip the use of balms because they are virtually all without any regenerating or healing substances. Also, balms do not bring anything that would contribute to permanent regeneration and improved curl health. This is why air conditioners are much better suited in the care process. They contain much more active regenerating ingredients, and you can use them absolutely without fear, 2 or 3 times a week.

Recipe honey shampoo 

To prepare this shampoo you will need liquid soap, natural bee honey and boiling water. It is necessary to mix half a glass of soap with the same amount of water and a glass of honey in a vessel, such as a bottle. When cooking you need to shake it, to get the best result. The resulting mixture can be used as a very good shampoo with nutritional properties. After washing your head, wait about 10 minutes and then rinse it. This time must be withheld so that the skin soaks up as much nutrients as possible.

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