How to make natural cosmetics for beautiful skin


 is rich in antioxidants, essential Omega-3 fats and vitamin D. It’s good not only as a food ingredient, but also as a cosmetic. These fruits have strong soothing properties, useful in irritation and redness. Avocados can also be used as a natural remedy in sunburn.

Perfect to use this miracle fruit as a face mask.

Cut the ripe fruit in half, remove the bone and take out the flesh. Apply a mask. Leave for 15 minutes. The skin will become soft, smooth and elastic.

Either beat the fresh apricots until smooth, add the avocado flesh and apply the drug to the face. Rinse after 15 minutes.

Studies have shown that the natural acids found in fruit exfoliate the surface of the epidermis, removing dead cells.Avocados are also a source of vitamin E and powerful antioxidants that neutralize free radicals are a frequent cause of aging, so they can keep young for longer.

Olive oil

It is important that cleansing and washing the face proceed carefully and carefully, especially around sensitive and demanding skin around the eyes. Vigorous brushing can result in thin lines and sagging.

Olive oil is the perfect solution because its thick consistency can penetrate deeply and moisturize quickly. Due to its high content of antioxidants and vitamins, it can be used as a moisturiser or a cleansing agent.

Also oil is used directly for hair care to give it shine and healthy look.

Relaxing facial massage

It is necessary to apply a few drops of olive oil to the face, moisten a small towel or washcloth in warm water and apply to the skin. Heat will help the oil penetrate the first layer of the skin and provide the necessary moisture to maintain the elasticity of the epidermis. Heat will also help open pores, so you need to make sure they are closed, washing with cold water in this will help.

You need to try not to wipe your face with a towel, it can lead to thin lines and erase the protective moisturizing layer.

Apple vinegar

Containing beneficial enzymes, bacteria, pectin and trace elements that are great for hair and skin, apple vinegar has amazing health benefits and beauty. It can be used to thoroughly clean strands or treat minor skin problems such as acne, mild irritation and uneven skin color.

By purchasing apple cider vinegar, you need to look for a quality, organic, unfiltered and unpasteurized product. A good quality bottle will have a muddy color and a very strong smell.

For hair

Take a cup of apple vinegar and water their scalp after washing. Massage into the skin with fingertips and comb the comb with wide teeth. Rinse the curls thoroughly with cold water and dry with a hair dryer as usual.

It is an effective remedy, with the problem of oily hair.

For the skin


it is best to use vinegar as a tonic agent in the evenings, as the aroma is quite strong. It is necessary to mix one part of apple cider vinegar with three parts of water. Depending on how sensitive the skin is, more or less water can be added.

Apply to the cleansed skin, you can feel a slight skin tightening, but it is worth trying. By morning, the face will be brighter than ever.

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