How to make homemade masks from leaves and flowers

Household masks made on the basis of the leaves and flowers of this fragrant plant have good cleansing, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. Important nuance: to make such masks from lilac you should collect its flowers and leaves from a tree that grows far from the road. In addition, it is necessary to use not flaccid, but certainly fresh flowers. For cosmetic purposes it is better to use inflorescences of white lilac.

Rejuvenation mask from lilac leaves

will require lilac leaves and boiling water. Rip the leaves off the branch and rinse thoroughly with water. Then give them boiling water. Mudder with soap or gel. Adopt a horizontal position, gently lay the lilac leaves on your face in one layer. They should be cooled to a comfortable temperature. After 15 minutes, remove the leaves and wash with water. Have the procedure twice a week. This mask will noticeably tighten the skin and make it delicate.

Mask for troubled lilac skin

Take flowers, lilac and yarrow leaves in the same proportions. The latter can be purchased at the pharmacy. Grind all ingredients using a blender to the state of kashitsa. Pour it with boiling water and clean it well. Without delay, put the resulting mass on the cleansed skin and hold 15 minutes. After that, remove the mask with cool water.

Lilac dry skin mask Grind a tablespoon of

lilac flowers and mix them with the same amount of sour cream. For this mask you should take high fat sour cream. This is the case where, the fatter she will be, the better. Apply the mixture to the skin of your face, hold 15 minutes and rinse. It is advisable to make it not ordinary water, but milk, and also high fat content. This mask perfectly nourishes and also brightens the skin.

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