How to make gradient manicure

This manicure is performed in different variations. For example, you can take five varnishes of different shades of the same color, paint each finger with different colors. It will be a smooth transition from hue to hue.

Do you not have as many varnishes of various similar shades? Well, you can do without them. Take a small amount of light pink and red varnish. Paint red thumb nail, pinky polish light pink. Take a piece of plastic, put a little red varnish on it. Then add a little light pink varnish, mix toothpick until smooth. Paint your index finger with this color. Add a little light varnish to the mixture – a lighter shade. Paint your middle finger with that. Repeat the procedure for the nameless one. It remains to dry the varnish, secure the manicure with transparent lacquer with glitter. It

will be more interesting to look the color transition on the toe of one finger. Such a design at a glance seems complex, but it is easy to accomplish with different hands-on means. Take two varnishes of different color. A sponge from a foam will also be required (it should be a little more than a nail plate).

Drop on a piece of glass or plastic on a drop of each lacquer. Mix slightly with a toothpick – there should be a noticeable transition from color to color. Take the sponge, wrap in the varnish, press to the nail. Spread the polish over the nail plate with patting movements. Repeat the procedure on all legs.

When the varnish dries, cover your nails with a thick layer of sequined varnish. Remove excess varnish from the skin with a stick dipped in the varnish remover liquid.

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