How to make and use homemade aloe vera gel

Most pharmacy creams combine valuable and beneficial substances with harmful additives or preservatives, without which cosmetics would have an irregular consistency, less desirable smell or unprofitable (from the manufacturer’s point of view), short shelf life. For this reason, no finished cream is 100% effective.

Some of its components smooth and moisturize our epidermis, while others are deposited in its deeper layers and penetrate the blood, adversely affecting the internal organs . Eventually, in this situation we can stop buying the whole range of “extra ointments” and switch to natural cosmetics.

This recipe, which you will meet today, is entirely of organic and multifunctional cosmetics, you can fully trust it. When used regularly, it will bring really amazing results without any side effects.

Aloe — properties and application

One of the most valuable properties of aloe vera gel is its ability to instantly and thoroughly moisturize the skin. Applied to the face, it literally disappears, as if his skin “drinks”. Effectively smoothes wrinkles and brightens complexion, relieves puffiness under the eyes and becomes an excellent base for makeup (which thanks to this stays on the face for longer). This gel can also be used as a base for a homemade face, neck and cleavage mask.

Pre-placed in the fridge, it also acts as a cooling balm after sunbathing. But that’s where its properties don’t end, because this gel will also mitigate pain after insect bites or depilation. By massaging the tips of your hair, it will improve their condition, and rubbing it into your head, will help combat dandruff caused by excessive skin dryness, and at the same time it does not overload or make your hair greasy. In a word, it has a chance to be our new multifunctional cosmetic assistant and part of daily skincare treatments!

Recipe homemade gel with aloe vera

Ingredients for homemade gel aloe vera:

– Aloe flower in pot,

– 286 mg vitamin E (1-2 capsules),

– optional: vitamin C (in the form of powder from half a capsule),

– a few drops of tea tree oil (if you want a nice gel smell).


Cut the bottom aloe leaves (they contain the most valuable trace elements, and simply trimming them will not destroy the plant, but stimulate its growth). Cut the leaves with a knife and scrape their gel consistency with a spoon. Then place the peeled flesh in a blender container and add vitamin E (there should be 286mg of vitamin E for each quarter of a cup of aloe extract) and – additionally – 500mg of vitamin C, and a few drops of tea tree essential oil.

Mix all the ingredients. Done!


Before applying the gel, it is necessary to clean the skin thoroughly (especially if there are small wounds, damage or irritations on our face), it is absorbed by the skin 4 times faster than water and can easily “pull” under the skin contaminants or harmful microorganisms located on its surface.

It is worth considering that after applying the product, you often feel tightness, so it is worth choosing oils for pre-cleaning, which will slightly reduce this feeling — unpleasant for many of us.


Although aloe gel is a completely natural cosmetic, there are people who are allergic to the juice of this plant, so before applying it on the face, it is necessary to carry out an allergic test on the inside of the wrist.

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