How to make a marble manicure: 3 easy ways

Water Marble Manicure

 Marble Design can be made using water. Little training and some skill will be required. What should be available:

  • wide bowl;
  • degreaser or acetone;
  • transparent base;
  • plain varnish — background for pattern;
  • regular varnish contrasting color medium consistency;
  • silver varnish to achieve a more believable marble effect;
  • alcohol-containing spray to form “veins on stone”;
  • liquid nail tape or glue PVA, or greasy cream, or Vaseline;
  • small foam sponge;
  • toothpick;
  • napkin;
  • tweezers;
  • cotton sticks;
  • protective nail coating (top).

So, how to do an aquatic marble manicure step by step.

  1. Perform pruned manicure: lock the nail, giving the desired shape, remove the cuticle. Treatment the nail surface with a grinding buff.
  2. Skim the nail plate.
  3. Cover the nail base, let dry.
  4. Apply 1-2 layers of plain varnish as the main color of the marble. Dry. Gel polish can be used if there is a special drying lamp.
  5. Treatment the skin around the nail and finger pads with liquid nail tape or an alternative option.
  6. Drop some silver varnish on the foam sponge. Slightly wet with a sponge nail to print the speckles. Try on paper first.
  7. Pour water into a bowl. It doesn’t have to be cold or hot.
  8. Drop in the water varnish of a different color, harmonizing with the original.
  9. Spray into the resulting varnish spot with spray to produce pattern and texture.
  10. If 2 or more colors are used in water, the pattern is formed by a toothpick.
  11. Push your finger in the water so that the nail plate is fully in contact with floating varnish.
  12. Remove the residue of varnish from the water with cotton wand.
  13. Carefully extract your finger. Dry with a napkin.
  14. Tweezers remove liquid nail tape.
  15. Apply a top on the nail.

Marble manicure using film

Beautiful marble nails are obtained if you use food film to apply the pattern. The algorithm for preparing the nail here is the same as the water method. You must follow the first 5 steps of the above instruction. It should be noted that the main color in this case will play the role of veins.

  1. Cut the film into squares with a side of 10 cm, crumple not tight balls.
  2. Apply another suitable tone for the combination to dry lacquer. This color will be the primary color of the stone
  3. Moist the top layer wet with a film lump, creating imitation of marbles.
  4. Remove liquid nail tape.
  5. Apply a top on the nail.

With gel polish and brush

If there is no desire to rely on the case, but it is possible to draw the marble veins by hand, then the third method of imitation of marble on the nails is suitable best. A fine brush will serve as an additional tool. You will also need a gel-lacquer drying lamp.

  1. Perform the necessary steps to prepare the nail plate: fuel, skim, apply the base. It’s all good to dry.
  2. On the palette place 2 drops of top and one drop of gel varnish alternative color basis.
  3. Brush paint in two tops so that in the end the palette turns out three shades of color: light, slightly darker and dark.
  4. Apply gel polish on the nails of the main tone, one layer. Don’t dry.
  5. On wet gel polish paint a marble pattern. Dry with a lamp.
  6. If desired, you can make a second layer for the volumetric image effect.
  7. Cover a manicure top.

For marble design use any colors and their combinations: as close as possible to the natural and as bold unusual. White with black and gray, pink with gray and white, nude-colored, beige, blue, pistachio. And also bright: burgundy, green, red, blue, purple.

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