How to keep hair clean: 5 simple rules


much easier for us to wash our head quickly, dry with a hairdryer and go on business. Complex manipulations, procedures strain us. And it’s only when curls noticeably lose their appeal that we begin to think about their health. In order not to put your hair under constant stress and keep it freshness longer, try to change your approach.

Adjusting nutrition

Condition of hair – mirror reflection of the health of internal organs. The stomach, liver, endocrine system are areas of special attention. Oily, salty, sharp food provokes enhanced work of sebaceous glands. Eat more vegetables, greens. Take vitamins.

A natural amount of fat secret is necessary for the body. The sebum envelops the hair, keeping moisture inside it. The hairstyle looks fresh, well-groomed. Excess fat clogs roots, interfere with their natural nutrition. This results in an unkempt look, loosening and further hair loss.

Change hairstyles

to preserve hair cleanliness don’t let them long to be promiscuous. Pick up strands. Show fantasy: weave a braid, make a tail. The purpose of these actions is to minimize friction of curls against the scalp. Also, street or office dust will contaminate the hairstyle less.

Adjacent to the scalp, hair easily absorbs sebaceous secret, quickly get dirty and finally sag. The situation is exacerbated if the hair is thin, devoid of volume.

Choose shampoo Shampoo

for oily hair should not contain oils. Silicone is also harmful. Consult your hairdresser, he is sure to know the right novelties. Choose sulfate-free remedies with natural ingredients.

Combine head washing with alternative cleansing methods. It can be dry shampoo. He will not only refresh his hair by removing excess lard, but will also lift his hair at the roots.

Another take: rinse the freshness of the strands with warm vinegar or lemon solution (1 liter of water — 1 tablespoon of vinegar or juice of one lemon). This procedure cleans, strengthens, gives shine.

Prepare shampoo with your hands

The best remedy for longer keeping your hair clean – homemade shampoos. Their regular use has a beneficial effect on skin cover in general. The main thing is: the production of excess fat by sebaceous glands is stopped.

Recipes for homemade shampoos are a great many. Consider three of them for oily hair.

  1. Mustard. Dilute 1 tablespoon of dry mustard with water until producing a sour cream substance. Apply to the head, rub lightly, rinse after 10 minutes with warm water (not hot!). Simple water can be replaced with mineral water.
  2. Banana. In the banana purée alternately, stirring thoroughly, first add the juice of one lemon, then 1 yolk. Wash your head like a regular shampoo. Use the inside of the flesh of the banana.
  3. Cognac. Mix the yolk of one egg with 1 tablespoon of cognac. Apply to head, rub, hold 2-3 minutes, rinse.

Wash your head correctly


more often you wash your head, the faster it gets dirty. Acute your hair to a longer period of time between taking a shower. The above methods will help.

Don’t use hot water. It activates sebum production. Too much detergent also causes harm — it’s completely unwashed, leaving dirty marks on the strands.

Complete the procedure with a cool rinse. Use decoctions of herbs: nettles, sage, wordplay, chamomile. It tones the scalp, strengthens the hair bulb, restores fat balance.


For strands to have a neat look and a few days after washing, a systematic approach is necessary. Adhere to the rules described, take vitamins to strengthen your hair. The result will not keep itself waiting. Healthy, shining hair will become the deserved pride of its hostess.

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