How to get rid of unwanted hair on your sleep

Depilation Methods

 If you want to get rid of excessive hair on your hands, you should first choose the appropriate method. This is an important decision because it determines the time of regrowth and the condition of “new” hairs. To make the choice easier, the following are different ways to remove unnecessary hair:

Shaving hands with a disposable razor

is definitely the cheapest, as well as the fastest way. Also, the most popular. However, is it effective? Not really, because the hair starts to grow after the first day. They get much thicker and darker. Thanks to tiny hard needles, the skin of the hands is unpleasant to the touch. Shaving with a razor machine can cause irritation and even small wounds. In such a situation, it’s not hard to get folliculitis or infection. This method is recommended only in emergencies.

Depilation with cream (chemical epilator)

It is also a very fast method of hand depilation. Also, it does not cause irritation and is completely diseaseless. There’s probably nothing easier than getting rid of the hair off your hands with it. The whole procedure takes only 3 minutes! The cream applied to the hand instantly dissolves the hairs that are pulled with the cream using a special spatula (usually included).

Unfortunately, the resulting effect is not durable, because the hair grows quite quickly. They’re not as stiff and stinging as when shaving with a razor. Another risk is an improperly chosen cream, which can irritate the skin.

Depilation of hands waxing

This method is one of the most effective in terms of hair regrowth time. Due to regular waxing, they grow very slowly and become much thinner and weaker. The method using wax patches does not take long. The first “regrowth” can be seen in about 2—3 weeks. Until then, it is left to enjoy incredibly smooth and pleasant to the touch skin of your hands.

However, this is not a method to speak of to a superior degree. Watching hands, unfortunately, is very painful. In addition, it often causes allergic reactions and temporary irritation. Mishandling hands with wax can do more harm than good. Therefore, in this situation it is worth asking for help from a specialist.

Using sugar paste

This method of depilation is very safe, but unfortunately also quite painful. Depilation with sugar paste, like wax, guarantees prolonged smooth skin of the hands. In addition, it does not cause irritation or allergic reactions because it is based on natural ingredients (lemon juice and sugar).

Unfortunately, the disadvantage of this method is the considerable difficulty of cooking sugar paste at home. Ladies who have never tried may have a problem with it. With home-cooked sugar paste, there is a risk of mismatched proportions. This can burn the skin during hair removal. So the safest thing is to go to the beauty salon to epilize your hands with sugar paste. An experienced beautician will do this quickly and professionally. There is no risk of any complications.

Laser hair removal

Laser removal of excess hair is the safe but most expensive method. However, the price compensates for the lasting effect of smooth skin. At first, thin and blond hair appears, but after a while their regrowth stops. The procedure must be performed once a year.

It should also be recognized that laser is not a pleasant hair removal method. The rays penetrate deeply into the body, irreversibly destroying the hair bulb and the root of the hair. Some people say laser hair removal is a luxury procedure. In fact, it’s true because not everyone can afford it.

Which way is the best?

This issue should be approached more intelligently. Taking all aspects into account, the best way is to remove hair with wax and sugar paste. For those who can spend more, a laser is the best solution. Hand depilation should be an individual matter.

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