How to eliminate flaws around the eye

Unfortunately, tonal cream doesn’t always help to hide skin flaws. People’s funds come to the aid of tone cream. It is

possible to relieve inflammation around the eyes with regular green tea. Most importantly, use pure green tea, no additives. It is necessary to moisten the cotton disc in tea and put on the eyes. You need 10 minutes to hold the mask.

Struggles well with swelling parsley. It is necessary to prepare the parsley decoction, and freeze. In the morning and evening wipe the areas around the eyes with an ice cube with parsley.

When there is no time for procedures, you can hide the flaws with a corrector for eyes. Don’t use dry powder, you only mess it up. Better to use a bold concealer or tonal basis. After applying the corrector it is necessary to apply shade pink tones, they will help to make the look fresh and natural.

On sale are a variety of creams and roller products for the skin around the eyes. Constant use of cosmetological products will help to lose shortcomings in the eye area.

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