How to draw arrows on eyes

You will need
  • – base for shadows;
  • – set of brushes;
  • – shadow of neutral shade;
  • – pencil;
  • – liquid eyeliner;
  • – gel eyeliner.

To let the arrows lie flat and not smear, prepare the skin of the eyelids. Skim it by tampon dipped in tonic or micellar water. Apply a special shadow base to dry eyelid skin and under the eyebrow. It is produced as a cream, paste or pencil and prevents the erasure and discoloration of all eye cosmetics.


After applying the base, wait a few minutes. Do not apply greasy cream or tonal base on your eyelids – the shadows and pencils applied on top of these remedies will be rolled down or imprinted on the skin.


Apply a soft flat brush to the eyelids of a neutral shade. If you like soft makeup, darken the outer corners of your eyes with shadows of a more intense tone. If you want a dramatic effect, leave your upper eyelids light. Touch the inner corner of the eye with satin white, cream or light beige shadows – it will refresh the look and visually increase the eyes.


Choose a cosmetic agent for eyeliner. The flomaster gives a bright and clear line that can be made thicker or thinner. A soft powder pencil draws a more blurred outline that is easy to fuse, creating a smoky eye effect. And liquid eyeliner with a thin long brush is capable of removing arrows thick from the hairs. However, it is this remedy that is most capricious and requires experience and a firm hand.


Beautiful and bright arrows can be depicted using eyeliner in gel or mousse. It lies more even than a liquid liner and, unlike a flomaster, stiffens not immediately, but in a few seconds, which allows you to adjust makeup if necessary. Such eyeliner is applied with a professional brush with a curved handle or a beveled rigid tassel. Depending on the tool selection, you can adjust the arrow thickness.


Dial the eyeliner on the brush and, holding it at the right angle, draw the arrow in one sure motion. For it to be more even, start from the middle of the upper century. Drive the brush as close as possible to the eyelash growth line. The arrow can be finished at the outer corner of the eye or extended to the temples, lengthening the incision. For retro makeup, raise the “ponytail” of the up arrow. Such a reception will help visually “rejuvenate” the look if the eyelid is slightly lowered.


Draw arrows on both eyes and appreciate their thickness and symmetricity. If you like it, repeat the line, making it more intense. If desired, you can extend it to the inner corner of the century. The thickness of the arrow depends on the size of the brush and the intensity of the pressure.


Watch that the line goes flat and does not interrupt – otherwise when drying up the eyeliner forms unbeautiful splashes. Apply a liquid or gel agent, do not open wide eyes – for a few seconds sit with half-covered eyelids. So you will protect the eyeliner from imprinting under the eyebrow, and yourself – from having to rework makeup.

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