How to do your hairstyles itself




simplest fashion hairstyle that is easy to make the most – a tall ponytail. Clean hair splash with styling fluid – it will give shine and make strands more even. Finish the hair at the roots, put your head down and collect it into a ponytail. The tail must be on the back of the head. If you fasten your hair too close to your forehead, it will climb into your eyes and get in the way. Lift your head and in front of the mirror comb the tail so the curls lie flat. Fix your hair with varnish. On top of a regular gum you can pin a beautiful hairpin or wrap a silk handkerchief.


The second simple hairstyle, for which it is not necessary to visit a hairdresser – Greek. It is suitable for medium length curls. You’ll need a tight bandage or strap. Divide the hair into a straight swipe and put on top of the bandage. Handling each strand with a styling tool, wrap it by the end inside. Stow the occipital strands while looking in the mirror. So it will be easier for you to make an even beautiful roller. Put the curls all over your head. Fix your hair with varnish.


Romantic waves are easy to make on your own. To do this, you will need a pillow and a stacking tool. Best of all, get a special one that protects hair from thermal effects. With it you will create a beautiful hairstyle, and the curls will remain intact. The hairstyle is done so: a little moist, treated with a styling agent strands, one is screwed on the ployka. The larger the diameter of the tongs – the larger the curl. If you separate thin strands, curls turn out more pronounced. If you screw wide curls on the plow – you will make light waves. Screw your hair all over your head. Then lower her down and shake her. Lift your head and secure your hair with varnish. Fashionable and stylish styling is ready.

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