How to do a hairstyle with a bandage

You will need
  • – bandage;
  • – comb
  • ;
  • – hairspray; – hair
  • spray.

Comb your hair well. In front, you need to make a straight sweep of 3-4 cm long. Separate part of the hair on the top, slightly trim them from the bottom and comb the hair back – this will give the hair volume and lush.


Put on a hair bandage. It should be located at a distance of about 3 cm from the hair growth line.


Separate a small strand of hair on top right and twist it into a tourniquet towards the head. After that, lead the strand over the bandage and pull it inside, pulling the strand down. Attach another small strand to the resulting strand and stretch it down again.


Repeat the procedure, gradually attaching the strands until you reach the bottom. Do the same actions on the left side by first swirling the tourniquet and gradually turning the hair around the bandage.


Once the hair on both sides is swirled around the bandage, loose strands will remain. Collect the remaining hair and gently hide it inside the hairstyle, lifting it from the bottom up – under the roller formed around the dressing.


Correct the hair around the bandage, gently pulling up all the strands coming out of the roller to make the hairstyle look nice and neat. Highlight a few strands should be forehead and around the face. This will give the hairstyle completeness. The strands can be wrapped on a slide or left straight.


Fix the result with stilettos so that the hairstyle with the bandage holds up well. Because the hair wrapped around the bandage looks very voluminous, the stud will not be visible. After that, fix the hairstyle with hairspray, spraying it at the distance of the outstretched arm – so the hairstyle will look as natural as possible.

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