How to choose a face scrub


Choosing a scrub, focus on indicating the packaging of the type of skin for which it is designed. Buy matching your type. There are also universal products – for any skin.


If available in the tester store, estimate the size and shape of the exfoliating particles. Note that too large, with uneven edges, pellets can scratch the skin. Prefer small or medium-sized particles with rounded edges.


Pellets can be both synthetic and natural origin. Crushed fruit seeds or sea salt are most commonly used as natural abrasive components of scrub. Such pellets are usually larger than others, so the products with them in the composition are more suitable for oily, combined skin.


If your skin is normal, a moderate-coarse scrub will suit you. It may include loofah particles or shredded coffee beans. Not bad if the remedy is enriched with moisturizing components. These could be essential oils, extracts of berries, for example.


If the skin of the face is sensitive and dry from the application of scrub it is better to refuse. Soft peeling will suit you. It is a creamy remedy without exfoliating particles. It is applied to cleansed dry skin, waiting to dry, and then gently removed with the help of fingers – rolling movements.


The scrub itself is gel-shaped or cream-based texture. The latter will be more saturated, and usually such product needs to be washed away with a cleanser after application. Gel-shaped texture is more often removed from the skin by simply warm water.

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