How to care for the skin of the neck

Start caring for the skin of the neck should be years old at 25—30, especially if early skin aging is inherited. Before, it is enough to use a moisturizer or gel, pre-gently without making stretching movements, cleansing the skin with a facial agent. In addition to cosmetic procedures, it is necessary to remember that some problems are easier to prevent than to combat the obvious signs of aging, which means you need to follow some recommendations:

– try Watch for posture – when the head is wrong and heavy strain on the muscles, the skin becomes flabby, premature wrinkles appear;
– During sleep, use a low pillow;
– avoid reading lying down;
– special gymnastics and massage promote the prolongation of youth of the skin, maintain its elasticity and firmness.

By complying with these rules, it is possible to postpone the use of anti-aging care products, much less cosmetic and surgical procedures.

At the age of 35-40, special anti-aging creams and serums can be used, as well as means to prevent the penetration of ultraviolet rays, as the sun adversely affects the skin, drying it and accelerates the aging process. Light textures in the form of gel are preferred, as they are easier to spread over the skin without stretching it. Up to 45 years old anti-aging and lifting aids need to be applied overnight, once a day.

At any age, neck care takes place in three stages: cleansing, light massage, application of cream, gel or serum. After 30 years care should include both nutrition and hydration, so in the afternoon you can prefer a light gel, and overnight to apply a nutrient.

Massage at a young age can be done using a wet towel, patting the chin at the bottom and the sides of the neck. Movements must be incisive and painless. In older age, the massage is longer, with the help of hands.

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