How to care for combined and mature leather

Mixed skin β€” one skin, two problems

Generally, the owners of mixed skin are women who in their youth struggled with oily problems and acne skin β€” after 25 years, when the skin begins to β€œmature”, there are some changes in the structure of the epidermis. Oily skin usually turns mixed β€” dry or normal on the cheeks and greasy on the nose, chin and forehead – and gradually loses its existing elasticity. Ladies with combined skin should take care in this situation not only of smoothing wrinkles, but also of avoiding a situation where the skin of the face can become dry or oily.

How to care for combined skin?

Mixed face type can be cared for in two different ways: in zone T use cosmetics for oily skin and in other parts of the face for normal or dry or use one a drug created specifically for this type of skin.

In a situation where the skin of the face is severely dry on the cheeks and is prone to irritation, it is better to apply the first option β€” it is difficult to find a cream that thoroughly moisturizes dry skin on the cheeks and reduces excess secretion of sebum from the T-zone.

In a situation where the skin on the cheeks does not cause much problems β€” we can successfully use drugs designed for combined and normal skin.

Moisturizing cream and anti-wrinkle cream – how to combine?

Studies show that women who have dry and sensitive skin age faster β€” the skin has the least resistance to adverse external factors such as UV -$ radiation, leading to skin drying, peeling and rapid wrinkle formation. In the case of combination and oily skin, this situation is quite the opposite β€” the thick lipid layer on the epidermis is an excellent barrier against ultraviolet rays. However, this does not mean that we can completely abandon anti-wrinkle cream.

After forty years, every woman’s beautician must find a suitable face cream (including day and night cream) that will fit the skin’s individual needs and also reduce wrinkles.

Cosmetics for mature skin β€” what should it contain?

When choosing a moisturizing cream for mature skin, it should be noted that it is enriched with concentrated ingredients that rejuvenate the skin, such as collagen, elastin, retinol and vitamins A, E and C, which stimulate epidermis cells to action, tighten the skin and give the face a youthful and radiant appearance.

After forty years it’s better to give up cosmetics that have been designed for all skin types – at that age you should focus on special facial care that will significantly slow down aging process.

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