How hair serum works


 The widest distribution of hair serum received due to its obvious preemptive characteristics. These are primarily the following qualitative indicators:

– The hair structure is quickly restored;

– the damaged hair is strengthened and smoothed;

– The dull color is already after the first application changes to a radiant shade

– hair is protected from ultraviolet radiation associated with direct sunlight

– scalp and hair from roots to tips receive additional nutrition with essential vitamins and trace elements.

Many women cannot afford to wear long hair due to the fact that they start to become brittle and weakened during the process of reclamation, subjected to cross section ends and chaotic flux . The effect of serums on hair is entirely based on the use of special active components in their composition. It is the high concentration of natural oils, vitamins, proteins, biopolymers and essential trace elements that allows this cosmetic product to cure hair in a direct sense and further protect them from possible problems.

Thus, it is the composition of serums that determines their functionality. For example, the oils in it allow to simplify the combing procedure, give the hair a radiant look and get rid of the effect of split ends. And in this case, you should not be afraid of increased stickiness of hair and their apparent fatness.

How hair serums work

Serums exert their protective and nourishing effects due to the fact that, $ enveloping the hair, they are on their surface as a protective layer. This is why they should not be washed away. And this cosmetic product can be applied to both wet and dry hair. However, the greatest wow-effect is achieved when the serum is applied to wet hair.

Separately, the special ability of serum, which is designed to get rid of hair loss and dandruff. This cosmetic product should be applied not only to the surface of the hair, but also, most importantly, to the scalp. It is massage movements when using serum that allow to activate microcirculation of blood flow, providing better nutrition of hair bulbs.

Each cosmetics manufacturer indicates the packaging or in the attached instructions for applying the serum rules. However, there is the most common principle of application of this cosmetic product. You should wash your hair thoroughly and dial the serum in the palm of your hand, where it should warm up to body temperature. Then you need to put a small amount of it on your hair, rubbing from the roots to the tips.

Why you need serum: summing up

Modern women are very influenced by fashion and the desire to experiment with their looks, because of which their hair has to full extent to experience all sorts of stresses in the form of regular effects of flakes and irons. It is as a means of protection against aggressive effects that should be used for hair serum.

It will be unnecessary to remember that before any styling in the beauty salon you should provide your hair with appropriate protection. Also, in this case, hair will become more malleable and docile, which will protect it from excessive hairdressing manipulation.

Individual words require the appearance of hair when using serum. They become shiny and strong, smooth, strong and soft. For any woman who is not a regular visitor to beauty salons, it will be very easy at home to make simple manipulations that provide a decent look to hair.

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