How a brunette become a checker

From brunette to a checker – everything depends on the structure of hair

The structure of dark hair is different. In girls with oriental appearance, it is tighter. The curls are very thick, the hair is thick and stiff. European hair type is more subtle, even dark they are not as stiff. So it is easier to repaint them in a lighter color.

If the black hair is very thick and long, two boxes of paint may be needed for dyeing.

To lighten dense thick oriental hair, more often than not, an additional discoloration procedure is required. Special composition is applied to curls in the same way as paint. Holds for a few minutes and flushes off. It helps to break down dark pigment, hair becomes hollow, it can be dyed in a lighter color.

After the discoloration procedure it should take about a week, after that the curls can be stained. During these days you should use a hair balm to nourish them, prevent dehydration.

Dyeing procedure – how not to spoil hair

Dark hair can’t be made blond in one go. Maximum allowable lightening – by two to three tones. That is, the brunette after the first staining can become a pretty dark marquee. To get a lighter color, the tinting will have to be repeated in a few days. If a discoloration procedure was previously performed, curls can be made lighter and four tones. But that’s the maximum that’s possible in one go.

Shades of the marquee come in different ways. It is worth remembering that the colors approximated to the mahagon contain a lot of red coler. It is difficult enough to deduce if there is a desire to change the shade of curls.

Hair coloring is performed according to a certain technology. If they have already been tinted into a lighter color, the composition is first applied to the roots, and after fifteen to twenty minutes the residues are distributed throughout the length of the hair. This is done in order to further not injure already lightened hair, not to overdry it with a colouring composition.

In primary staining, the composition is applied along the entire length, and is left for thirty to forty minutes. To understand whether the desired color turned out, you can wipe the paint from a single buckle taken from the parietal or temporal areas. If curls are not colored enough, they need to be covered again with a colouring composition, stirring with the rest of the hair.

After each dyeing, a regenerating balm must be applied to the hair. It contains nutrients that will help restore strands structure.

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