Hot manicure: what it is and how to execute it

What is Hot Manicure

 Hot Manicure is a nail care procedure. It would be more accurate to say thermocare for the fingertips, because a full-fledged pruned manicure is not performed here. The skin of the fingers warms in a rich in beneficial substances lotion, saturated with moisture, vitamins. The nail plate is restored, strengthened.

The action of this procedure is aimed at the general healing of the nail. Loaded near nail rollers are cleaned from trapped dust, softened. The cuticle is gently eliminated. Burr growth is slowing.

Hand brushes don’t stand aside either. The session involves the use of a large amount of special means. Its excess is distributed over the hands, a pleasant massage is performed. The aromatic effect relaxes, relieves stress, improves mood.

Indications and contraindications to the procedure

The main indication for the hot manicure is a weak, lifeless nail. In addition:

  • dryness of the skin, cracks, hard painful burr;
  • restoration after nail extensions;
  • effects of use of household chemicals;
  • thin, brittle, layered nails;
  • tired, dehydrated, withering skin;
  • prevention and simple pleasure.

Warm manicure can be given to children, teenagers with an emerging nail plate. Thermal care for men is shown: technology allows to nourish the coarest skin of hands. It serves as an excellent means to relieve muscle tension, joint inflammation. Useful hands with close arrangement of vessels.

Contraindications are fungal diseases, open ulcers, wounds. Allergies, intolerance of components.

The technology

of performing a warm manicure procedure is simple and clear. This service is widely offered by beauty salons, masters at home. Different from other procedures is the use of a special apparatus for heating and temperature maintenance of cosmetic lotion. So, step-by-step algorithm.

  1. Remove the varnish, treat your hands with disinfectant, paying special attention to your fingertips.
  2. Using a disposable bath, preheat specially designed for hot manicure lotion to 40-45 degrees. Transfer the device to the position of maintaining the desired temperature.
  3. Cover the edges of the nail, giving it the desired shape.
  4. Lower your fingers into the warm lotion so that the cuticle is completely immersed in the nutrient. Hold for 10-15 minutes.
  5. With soft massage movements, rub the lotion into the nail plate and the area around it.
  6. Remains of the means to apply to the hands, perform a general relaxing massage.
  7. Wet your hands with a clean cloth or wet cold cloth.
  8. With the help of a bactericidal wooden stick, delicately remove the cuticle. Gently brush the pterygium.
  9. Skim the nail plate with a disinfector, coat with varnish.

Hot manicure is convenient to spend at home. If there is no apparatus, you can take a small capacity and warm up the lotion on the water bath. Any hand cream with the addition of essential oil is suitable for the procedure.

Unlike other nail service treatments, hot manicure is available at a price, easy to perform. The effect exceeds the wildest expectations. Do it twice a month and enjoy the result.

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