Hair mask made of gelatin

Because gelatin is derived from connective tissue protein — collagen, it has a lot of protein that has a stunning effect on the chevelure. By covering the hair with a thin film, gelatin saturates them with valuable elements and restores the structure.

Hair mask from gelatin (effect of laminating hair)

The recipe for this cosmetic mixture is as follows:
– 1 tbsp gelatin;
– a little shampoo;
– 3-4 tbsp warm water. The

gelatin is poured with water and left until it swells. To speed up this process, the container with the mixture is put on the water bath. When gelatin dissolves, a bit of shampoo is added to the composition (this is made to make it more convenient to apply the mask on the chevelure) and mix the components well. Nourishing mass is applied to wet buckles, on top covered with a plastic bag and insulated with a terry towel. This amount of nutritious mixture is sufficient to laminate shoulder-length hair. If the hair is longer, take 2-3 tbsp of gelatin and more water. Hold such a mask for 13 to 27 minutes. Wash the mask with warm water without shampoo. This cosmetic procedure is recommended to do 1-2 times a week.


should be no lumps: they are very difficult to wash from their hair.

Gelatin mask that accelerates hair growth

To prepare this nutritional composition, the following ingredients will be necessary:
– yolk chicken egg; $
– 1 tsp gelatin;
– 2-3 tbsp warm water;
– 1-1,5 tsp mustard;
– 1-1,5 tsp colorless henna. The

gelatin is poured with warm water and left to swell. Then the mixture is enriched with yolk, henna and mustard, after which all the components are thoroughly stirred. The mass is applied to wet strands, covered on top of the head with polyethylene film and wrapped with a terry towel. Leave the mask for 23-27 minutes and then washed away with room temperature water without using shampoo.

In case of intense hair loss, instead of water, it is better to take decoction from burdock root, and when dandruff – decoction from birch leaves or stork root.

How to prepare gelatin mask, nourishing and moisturizing hair

To prepare this healing composition take the following components:
– 1 tbsp. honey;
– 1 tbsp gelatin;
– 1 tbsp warm herbal decoction (from sage, chamomile or nettle).

Gelatin is dissolved in a herbal decoction, then enriched the mixture with honey. Insist the composition of 17-20 minutes, and after they cover the hair (root system and buckles along the entire length). Cover the head with a plastic bag and put on a wool cap. After 28-30 minutes, rinse off the gelatin mass with warm water.

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