Examples of diet for weight loss;

To avoid such situations talk about how to lose weight without following specific diets.

There are many healthy and tasty products, eating which in reasonable quantities will allow both weight to shed, and not to share themselves. What are these products and how to compose your diet to evaporate extra pounds?

There are several options for breakfasts, lunches and dinners that guarantee satiety and weight loss. It is necessary to adhere to a similar diet from two weeks or more, depending on the desired result.

For breakfast, for example, it is permissible to eat the following foods: boiled egg, a sandwich made of cut bread and non – fat cheese; oatmeal porridge on non – fat milk or muesli, $ freshly squeezed juice; cottage cheese or non-fat yogurt, 1 any fruit. A cup of tea or coffee with a small amount of sugar is also allowed in addition to breakfast.

Speaking of lunch, you can offer the following options: vegetable soup on the first course, chicken breast (baked or boiled) with rice or buckwheat – on the second. Poultry soup, a slice of fish of non-fat varieties, vegetable salad with vegetable oil; low-fat beef broth, boiled or baked potatoes (1 pc), a plate of fresh vegetables.

For dinner, you can afford the following: a slice of boiled or baked beef, fresh vegetables; baked vegetables, buckwheat or rice grits; low-fat fish stewed with vegetables.

As for snacking, they’re permissible. It can be one of fruit (except bananas), non-fat yogurt or cottage cheese, a glass of kefir. As can be seen, thin, it is not necessary to feed monotonously and scarce.

The main thing is to know the measure and correctly combine the products. And another important fact: the faster kilograms go, the more stress the body is exposed to. Therefore, it is better to lose weight gradually, in which case the effectiveness of the diet will increase several times.

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