Essential oils to raise mood, energy and awaken feelings

Essential oils for energy.

To return vivacity and relieve fatigue, it is recommended to take warm baths with essential oils of lemon, lemongrass or grapefruit. Lemon perfectly improves performance and instantly lifts tone even after the worst working days or stressful situations. Lemongrass has beneficial effects on the brain, improving memory and helping to concentrate more easily. Grapefruit is able to evoke positive emotions and combat constant drowsiness.

Essential oils to awaken the senses.

Gain harmony with yourself, awaken feelings and greatly increase self-esteem will help essential oils of figs and vanilla. The figs soothes, clarifies the clarity of consciousness. Vanilla has been considered a symbol of sensuality since long ago. With just two ingredients, you will be able to greatly enhance your appeal and awaken passion and temptation.

Essential oils for a good mood.

Bad mood can be caused not only by specific annoying situations, but also by regular accumulation of negative emotions. The essential oils of rose, mimosa and lavender will help bring back joy. Mimosa is literally able to charge with positive emotions and optimism. Lavender perfectly relaxes and relieves tension. Rose immerses in the world of dreams and dreams.

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