Delusions about tonal cream

Delusion #1

Many believe that constant use of tonal cosmetics causes premature skin aging. That’s not always fair. Previously, tonal creams were created and used only as cloaking agents, the main purpose of which was to hide problematic areas of the face. In those years, their quality was strikingly different from modern ones. However, in the last decade, cosmetics manufacturers, with the participation of cosmetologists and dermatologists of well-known clinics, improved old and developed new products, which include hypoallergenic sun filters. Because ultraviolet rays influence the appearance of early wrinkles, the use of tonal agents with SPF filters significantly mitigates sun exposure and reduces the risk of premature aging. In addition, modern high-quality creams create a protective barrier on the skin surface, reducing the effect of negative effects of other external factors.

Delusion No. 2

The second myth concerns skin contamination with tonal cream and powder, after the use of which allegedly appear extended pores. Perhaps earlier this statement was relevant, because the consistency of old basic cosmetics was really close to construction plaster. A rather coarse pasty mass precluded the possibility of natural ventilation. Nowadays, silicone fibers are present in the tonal creams of the new generation, which do not clog the pores of the skin, but close them with a kind of mesh. In this regard, the use of high-quality tonal base, thanks to the presence of silicone in it, provides long-term and reliable protection.

The silicone layer allows air to penetrate through the protective film, the skin “breathes”. However, dust and dirt remain on the film itself, not in contact with the skin of the face.

Misconception #3

The myth that tonal cream is very visible on the skin of the face also has some bases. From which there is a misconception that it can only be used in cases of irritation, acne or pigment spots. With a failed choice of color, the base of makeup can really become noticeable. The same effect can be observed if the cream is applied ingently or in multiple layers. To avoid such excesses, remember that there should not be a lot of tonal remedy, apply it should be soaked in water sponge, and the tone should be selected according to the tone of your skin.

To make sure that the color of the tone cream is chosen correctly, apply a small amount to the area of skin between your thumb and index finger, it is the skin color on it. completely coincides with the hue of your face.

Delusion #4

There are people confident that the constant use of creams dries the skin and contributes to the appearance of peeling. Some matting and tonal products are indeed able to remove excess moisture from the face surface. This statement applies only to cosmetics designed for oily skin. It contains various substances, vitamins and trace elements that eliminate oily shine and normalize the activity of sebaceous glands, but a person with dry and sensitive skin, using such a remedy , can get a negative result. Therefore, always check labels on labels and composition information in the instructions for use before buying. Most modern tonal creams include various vegetable oils, such as avocado oil, jojoba oil and others. They prevent moisture from being removed from the skin surface, soothe the skin of the face and eliminate a number of other dermatological problems.

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