Christina Aguilera makeup

No account for the number of Christina images. Each style of the girl is accompanied by a unique makeup. You can’t call Aguilera natural, but the bright palettes are always chosen competently, harmonize on the face of the star perfectly!

Aguilera pays great importance to skin condition. She can be attributed to the number of ladies who care about appearance from an early age. Moisturizing creams, nourishing masks, specially chosen tonal bases – these are indispensable helpers, which can be seen in the cosmetics at the singer. Christina puts powder on her entire face, including her eyes.

Christina Aguilera doesn’t put the accent on her eyes, though many stars do just that. The girl’s makeup often includes golden shadows and black mascara. But the eyelashes she dyes carefully so they are even more lush.

Eye makeup is not the main one in the image of the star, but the lips Christina always highlights. After all, thanks to her bright lips she long ago received the title of a passionate lady. Here are what lipstick colors she prefers: crimson, red, coral. Christina sometimes uses pink gloss, but even in this case the lips look very juicy! The singer often enlarges her lips using cosmetics.

Eyebrows are perhaps the only part of the star’s face that always remains in natural tones. The singer only emphasizes the neat shape of the eyebrows using a pencil of natural color.

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