Advantages and disadvantages of electric epilator

Epilator is a small device that is used for hair removal. It is equipped with special blades that spin at a very fast pace. Admittedly, the procedure is painful, it cannot be sustained by all.

Modern devices have been designed specifically for women sensitive to pain. They have a cooling cap that, gives a feeling of cold, thus reducing pain.

Before you think about hair removal, you need to “grow” the hair a little bit. It makes the job easier.

A few hours before the planned hair removal it is advisable to carry out peeling in the area that will be deprived of hair. The procedure will help get rid of dead epidermis and reduce the problem of ingrown hairs.

The epilator is best used immediately after the shower. As a result, the skin and hair will be softened and prepared as much as possible for the procedure.

Remember that you always need to shave your hair against growth. It’s the only way to effectively pull them together with the bulbs.

After graduation, the processed place must be carefully inspected. There may have been tiny hair left that the epilator couldn’t catch. It is recommended to get rid of them with tweezers.

The whole procedure is completed by applying a moisturizer.


This small device has many advantages. Among them are:

  • high efficiency compared to other hair removal methods,
  • long lasting effect (up to 4 weeks),
  • comfortable shape,
  • very easy to use,
  • no allergic reactions, getting the
  • effect of extremely smooth skin,
  • effective weakening of hair thanks to regular use,
  • saving time and money.


Like any other device, it also has its drawbacks. Some, however, are an individual issue. The most commonly mentioned include:

  • feeling pain when removing hair (a matter of sensitivity),
  • ingrown hair,
  • tweezers can get clogged due to too long and thick hairs,
  • tiny hairs are not removed,
  • less convenient than a normal razor.

Contraindications to use

There are several situations in which the device should not be used. These are:

  • pregnancy,
  • varicose veins,
  • diabetes mellitus,
  • sensitive skin.

What should I consider when buying an epilator?

Before deciding on a particular model, it is worth taking a small test in an invisible place on the skin (for example, at the bottom of the hand). Thus, it is possible to test how the body responds. If there is a burning sensation, prolonged redness or minor wounds, it is not worth buying it.

Each of us knows our skin perfectly well, so too high sensitivity to pain should dissuade us from making this decision.

It is also worth paying attention to the power type of device (network or wireless) and speed adjustment. Choosing the right strength is important as it can slightly reduce the feeling of pain.

Depilation is now the main care activity. Every woman of a beautiful sex who cares about the aesthetics of her appearance knows this. This is no surprise, for the smooth body is now the canon of female beauty.

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