10 hair care Tips

1. Wash your head as it is contaminated

Some people believe that if the head is not washed for a long time, then the hair will become accustomed over time and become soiled more slowly. This idea is fundamentally wrong. We’re not my skin once every three days to change the type from fat to normal.

The scalp is fundamentally nothing from the skin of the face, so the hair needs to be washed immediately as soon as it gets dirty. If, by washing your head with shampoo, you feel that the hair is not clean enough, special scrubs, salts, dirt and clay can be used.

2. Do not wash your head with

hot water Hot water damages the hair and unnecessarily steams the scalp, which causes hair loss. Wash your head with a little warm water, and rinse at the end of washing – cold.

Perfect will add a little vinegar (table, wine or apple) when rinsed, which will flatten the surface and make the hair shiny.

3. Apply the hair only in the root zone Apply

shampoo to the length of the hair, you only overdry it. The foam flowing down the hair when the shampoo is washed away will be enough to rinse the length.

4. Wash your hair with a towel before applying balm

Surplus moisture on your hair will not allow the balm to soak up. It can just drain. Therefore, it is advisable to wet the hair with a towel and then apply the balm. You need to do the same when using masks.

5. Do not apply balm to the scalp

Balms and conditioners cannot be applied to the scalp, even if the label says the opposite. If you use inorganic means, their composition includes silicones and other ingredients that create a film on the hair. The scalp such film interferes with breathing, creates a greenhouse effect that can cause hair loss and dandruff.

Balm should be applied, retreating from the roots of 15-20 centimeters (from the ears and below).

Tip: For a long time leaving a wet towel on your hair, you also create a scalp frock. The towel should be left on the hair for a maximum of 5-10 minutes. You can’t tighten it tight — you can squeeze and damage your hair.

6. It is necessary to comb before washing your hair and cannot – immediately after

washing your head it is advisable to comb the hair to untangle it. If this is not done, when washing the hair will become more tangled, because of which some of it will be torn out when further combing.

Wet hair on the contrary combing is undesirable. They need to be allowed to dry and only then comb. From wet, steamed skin it is much easier to yank your hair inadvertently.

7. Do not rub wet hair with a towel and do not rub the remedies when washing in length of hair

Wet hair is very brittle and fragile, they cannot be rubbed hard. Apply the means along the length, do not rub, do not curl the hair.

Do not wipe your hair with a towel, but delicately wet.

8. Do not use shampoos containing rigid detergents (surfactants)

This advice concerns owners not only of dry, but also of a fatty type of scalp. Aggressive surfactants will not make your chevelure cleaner, they will only overdry your skin and make your hair brittier. Try not to buy shampoos, the active substance in which are SLS, SLES and similar hard surfactants.


ideal choice is organic shampoos with soft formulations. For curly hair the perfect solution is balm cowoshing.

9. Comb your hair more often and do a scalp massage

Comb you need at least twice a day. By doing this, you stimulate the flow of blood, which means oxygen, to the hair follicles, nourishing and strengthening the hair. For the same purposes you need scalp massage. Doing it enough a few times a week.


the hair from the ends, rising to the roots and untangling all the nodules. If you start combing from the roots down, then all the tangled areas get confused even harder, you get a coltoun and tear out a lot of hair.

Tip: You can grease the comb (perfect for a wooden comb with rare teeth) with a few drops of essential oil that improves blood flow, comb your hair and then additionally massage the scalp with your fingers.

This procedure is good to do overnight – the smell of your favorite essential oil together with a light massage will perfectly relax you, relieve stress and help you to sleep quickly.

10. Do not put your hair under stress due to low or high temperatures

If you dry your hair with a hair dryer, try to do it with cool air, before applying heat protection products. In winter, when you go outside, hide your hair under your clothes, and in summer protect it from harmful sunlight with SPF, and better – hat.

In this article, we examined how to properly care for hair, wash, dry and comb it. By following these simple rules, you will achieve the strength, health and shine of your hair.

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