Why many drivers dont like cars with a DSG7 robotic gearbox

Features gearbox DSG7 

 Special design of the preselective box smoothly switches the stages, thus relieving the driver from discomfort pushes. Fully automatic control of the box allowed electronics to track the speed of the vehicle and the nearest gears, prepared to turn on the next high without disrupting the power flow .

At first, the DSG7 gearbox was met with applause – car owners were delighted, in various articles journalists painted all the advantages of this ACPP. The advantages of the innovative design were evident: fuel consumption was reduced, the car operated smoothly without tremors when changing gears. However, even with such technology some time later found significant cons.

Disadvantages of DSG7

The most basic minus DSG7 is strong vibration. And it was felt in different modes of operation of the engine and transmission, regardless of speed (both at high, low) and operating modes, and even when the stage is switched on. Later, the cause of the breakdown was identified. It turned out to be the wrong work of a mechatronic (you can say “hearts” and “brain” boxes). The saddest thing is that it is almost impossible to eliminate this, and the manufacturer did not attribute such vibrations to warranty cases. Owners of data cars had nothing else, how to put up with this disadvantage. Apart from the pronounced vibration, this robotic transmission also did not show good reliability. What was the reason? This machine belongs to a group of CAT, which uses a very small amount of oil (so to speak, a box with a dry clutch), which leads to overheating, frequency and rapid wear and other serious problems.$

The previous generation of DSG6 boxes had to be supplied with 4.5 liters of transmission fluid for efficient operation, and only 2 liters were sufficient for DSG7. Accordingly, the ACPP at high speeds gave frequent slips, overheated. Going forward, this led to costly repairs. And the masters involved in the repair of transmissions also confirm the reliability of the DSG7 box, in comparison with the previous generation of automatic transmission.

Recommendations to car owners

Dynamic riding with strong acceleration and sharp braking has a bad effect on this gearbox. In order to prolong the life cycle of mechatronics, it is necessary to protect the preelective transmission, to exclude active accelerations, sharp acceleration and braking. Smooth driving is recommended. This rule is relevant even for powerful cars. The average car owner is perhaps better not to mess with the DSG7 box. Despite the outstanding advantages of this design, we recommend choosing either time-tested mechanics or simple standard machines. Otherwise, you should be prepared for malfunctions and even serious repair of the DSG7 box.

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