Where to pour oil for akpp

You will need
  • – set of tools;
  • – bucket;
  • – branch;
  • – tray gasket filter;
  • – sealant.

There are two ways to change oil: partial and full-threaded. If the first option can be performed with their own hands, only specialists can make a full-fledged replacement, as it implies a complete change of oil from all units and units of the automatic transmission.


During partial replacement, the oil is drained through a special drain plug in the pallet. In the absence of it, you will have to completely remove the transmission pallet


Lift the car on the lift and unscrew the drain plug or remove it completely. Drain the old part of the oil into a precooked trough. Determine the exact volume of drained oil to pour exactly as much new. If eye detection is not possible, you can use the method of exposing oil levels through a probe. At the end of the drain, the pallet is cleaned of oil deposits and installed in its place.


New liquid is poured through the gearbox probe hole. It is necessary to do this in small portions. If special equipment is available, you can replace it through the probe channel.


It is very important to properly expose the level of technical oil in the gearbox. At the same time, it is necessary to remember that the measurements should be carried out first for cold automatic transmission, and only then for hot. Once the oil is poured, it will be necessary to control its level. The need to make an adjustment can be decided after the first trial trip and the heating of the box.

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