What documents are needed when putting a car on account

You will need
  • – the passport of the owner of the car;
  • – the application for registration in the traffic police;
  • – the contract of purchase and sale;
  • – insurance policy OSAGO for a period of six months to a year (mandatory);
  • – Vehicle passport (PTS);
  • – Vehicle registration certificate if it is not deregistered ( STS)
  • – Transit license plates (if available).

Fill in the application for registration of your car in traffic police. It can be filled in on a finished model or printed on a computer. Don’t forget to put your signature under the statement and specify the date. Please attach your general passport to the application, which indicates the place of your permanent registration.


The package of documents required for registration of cars includes the passport of the vehicle (PTS). In the case when you purchased a new car, check that the seller’s stamp is placed in the PTS and all the details of the vehicle owner are filled in. It must include your first name, patronymic and surname, registration address and the date of sale of the car.


In the case when you purchased a used car and previously it was registered with traffic police, check that in the relevant Counts of the PTS stood the seals confirming the production and removal of the car from the registration register. If you have been issued with transit license plates at the time of purchase, they must be handed over.



reference account is not required now, so it will suffice the contract of purchase and sale, which is a document confirming your right ownership of the vehicle. Verify that all the data in the contract coincides with those specified in the PTS. When buying a new car, you will receive a copy of the customs cargo declaration from the seller, the authenticity of which must be certified at the customs office or the seller. Verify that the unit numbers are correctly listed.


The validity of the OSAGO policy applied to the package of documents must be 1 year. If the policy has a shorter validity period, it can only be used for distillation of cars, it is a temporary document and it is registered, but no such policy is made.


Don’t forget to pay the state fee for the registration of the car and attach it to the rest of the documents.

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