Painting car headlights with your hands

You will need
  • – aerosol spray with paint for headlights (usually paint on plastic);
  • – construction hair dryer;
  • – sealant;
  • – primer
  • – knife –
  • abrasive material with different graininess
  • – polishing pastes –
  • malar scotch
  • – isopropyl or ethyl alcohol.

First of all, it is necessary to remove the headlights from the car.


Further disassemble the dismounted headlamps. Headlamps can be fastened with sealant or adhesive. The way the showdown depends on it. Before disassembling the headlamp it must be glued with a special scotch, so that in the process do not apply scratches on glass or plastic.


If you have a headlamp with a sealant – warm it up on the perimeter with a construction hair dryer (carefully monitor the condition of the plastic, not to cause it to muddle). If – with glue – you have to cut it off with a stationery knife. Next we remove the reflector, which we have to paint.


Grinding reflector with fine-grained sandcloth. Then degrease. It is not recommended to use a solvent. Isopropyl or ethyl alcohol is best suited.


The next step is priming. To do this, we recommend to buy you a special soil for plastic in aerosol canisters.


Next, apply paint to the reflector from the aerosol canister. Paint is applied in 2 layers. From a distance of 20-25 cm.


Dry reflector. With the help of sealant we install the glass in place.


You can then produce a polish. It consists of three stages. First comes the processing of the headlamp with sandpaper graininess 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500. Then there is the treatment of the surface with polishing pastes. Optimal version of the paste “Meguiars” marked 83, 84 and 85. The third stage is the final polishing. To do this, use a soft velvet or polishing cloth MATEQUS Proff.

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