How will car registration be simplified from August 1

Under the new regulations, the car can be registered in any region, regardless of permanent residence owner. Throughout its operating life, the vehicle will have the same state registration numbers. They can only be replaced in case of loss or as a result of numbers falling into disrepair, which is very rare, for example, after an accident. This will significantly reduce the list of registration actions and allow transit numbers to be partially cancelled. The transit number will be issued to owners of cars who decline permanently to another region.

Reducing registration actions will help drivers save a significant amount of personal time. If at present the entire registration procedure takes from three hours, and in some regions with a large population of up to 5 hours, the innovations will allow registration to be carried out in a shorter timeframe .

It will be possible to sell the car without removing it from the registration register. The new owner has the right to register the purchased car in any region.

At present, in the presence of temporary registration, the citizen is forced to put the car on temporary registration or return to the region at a permanent place of residence and there to make registration actions. Such an order is extremely uncomfortable for those who have come on a long business trip, to study or on other equally important matters. The innovations will greatly simplify the registration procedure. The permanent address of the owner will be included in the general database of traffic police, the car will be put on record.

Car owners who do not have a permanent registration in any region of the Russian Federation will be able to register the car in any region, but the registration will be carried out only on a certain period after which the temporary registration of the vehicle can be renewed.

As before, registration of the vehicle will require a passport or other identity document of the owner, a passport of the vehicle, a receipt about payment of the state duty.

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