How to take out the battery

You will need
  • – set wrenches;
  • – pliers;
  • – work clothes;
  • – protective gloves;
  • – clean breeze.

Install the vehicle on the horizontal surface. Be sure to take the key out of the ignition lock. Put on a work jumpsuit and protective gloves.


Open the hood of the car and find the location of the battery. If access to it is closed with a lid or additional mount, gently remove the anchorages and remove the lid.


Determine how the battery is attached in your socket. It is usually pressed by a special bar that runs over the top of the battery. This bar is most often fixed by a pair of threaded rods.


If the battery is located deep in the socket, use the end key. In passing, carefully examine the fasteners. If they are worn out, it is likely that the fasteners will need to be changed to new ones. Remember that the reliability of the battery mount depends on the reliable operation of the vehicle and your safety.


Examine the battery terminals and determine their type. Batteries with upper and side terminals are found. Connected wires from the top, detach with a conventional combination wrench. Use pliers to remove spring clips. Use the end key when the terminals are positioned laterally.


Sequentially disconnect both wires leading to the battery terminals starting at minus. Pre-remove the protective covers from the terminal.


Disconnect the clampdown plate by unscrewing the bolts with the appropriate size key. Fasteners gently fold in one place, otherwise you risk losing it.


Take the disconnected battery out of your nest and set it aside. Check the place where the battery was located. If necessary, clean the nest of contaminants with soft pure sprinkles. Dismantling the battery on this is complete.


Install a new battery, follow the steps described in reverse order. Make sure the battery is held securely in the socket. Check the battery by starting the engine.

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