How to set temperature on car alarms


Enter startup mode and select the temperature option that suits you. For the diesel engine is suitable temperature -10 degrees, for new gasoline (provided the battery is charged) you can choose and -18 degrees. If you are not sure about your car, you should not set the temperature below 20 degrees – the motor can freeze so that it will not get.


If you have a mechanical box, perform a special procedure “Software Neutral”. Fix the car with the handbrake, then press and hold the button with the lock image for 3 seconds. Turn and remove the key from the ignition lock (when the engine is running), exit the vehicle and close the doors. Press the lock button again – in 3 seconds the engine will be silenced and the system will go into security mode.


Before you turn on autorun, check that the temperature start sensor is valid. To do this, double-click the asterisk button. If there’s a temperature on the key ring instead of the clock, it’s all right. The temperature after the trip can be plus — if the sensor is located on the motor. The Lo inscription should alert you, it means either temperatures below -40 degrees or no sensor.


Next proceed to activate the autostart alarm. Press the star button and hold until the keychain is filled with the trill. Do not let go, wait for another sound – the key ring will start flashing the icon in the lower left corner of the screen.


Move the flashing cursor to the thermometer position and click the “Enable” button. If you did everything correctly, you will hear a melodic signal and see an image of the set temperature instead of the clock (a new value should appear when changing this parameter).

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