How to replace filters in car air conditioner

Used in them both mechanical and electric types of drives. It is important to replace the air conditioner filter in time to avoid health problems. Contaminated filters pose a risk to both the driver of the vehicle and its occupants.

What diseases can entail contaminated filters

Most often respiratory organs suffer from accumulated radiators of all kinds of bacteria on wet grates. Germs will easily provoke respiratory diseases in anyone who breathes the air they infect.

Deciding to leave the contaminated filter, the owner of the car must remember that the mold that is sure to appear on it can lead to pneumonia, which will be caused by the fungus aspergills. It’s a very dangerous disease.

Modern filters in demand are:

– foam filters; – filters “NERA”; – filters based on charcoal.

Cleans air well from suspended particles of the foam based device. They are easily cleaned and washed. The driver is available to perform these procedures independently and regularly. They just get filmed and just go back to the venue. They are closed by a decorative grille, provided in the design of the air conditioner.

Filters, with a more complex design, have a porous base of glass-fibre filaments. They protect the salon, and at the same time the lungs of people moving in it not only from suspended particles, but also from bacteria that always seek to penetrate them and threaten health. Such filters are not subject to washing. They are either changed to new ones or periodically vacuumed using a car vacuum cleaner.

Filters based on charcoal are considered the best solution. They will rid the vehicle of the gari generated during the traffic and keep the air of the cabin clean. They are changed once a year if the terrain on which the driver has to travel has no abnormal pollution in the form of forest fires or gushing into all slits of sand. Otherwise it will be necessary to change wood filters significantly more often as they do not wash.

Additional difficulties associated with air pollution in the car

They can add a vaporizer to the driver. It will be a great germ seeder if you don’t take care of cleaning it in time. Neutral soap solution or ultrasonic cleaning of grates is used for this purpose when wet cleaning is not possible.

Someone will notice that this method of cleaning costs money, but have to choose between the health of passengers and those costs. It should be remembered that the timely replacement of filters is fresh air in the vehicle for its passengers.

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